Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How Recognizing a Problem Is the Key to Starting a Successful Business

Brian Bosche and Dan Bloom were video guys who started TernPro in 2014, a company that sent GoPros to companies that needed content for their websites.

They spent countless hours neck-deep in content, trying to make compelling videos out of hours of not-so-great footage. This meant having teams of people working on different tasks, like producing, editing and communicating with the client.

One day, Brian looked at Dan and said, “This is nuts. I’m using five different systems for project management, asset management, reviews, editing and communication. I find myself doing as much work trying to organize workflow as I do on the work itself.” Dan agreed and said, “Someone should really come up with a better system for this.” That thought hung in the air for a while, and shortly thereafter, Slope was born.

Will the camera’s flash spook the game?

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